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Custom-sewn clothing

In our studio, you can enjoy the unique sensation of having tailor-made clothing just for you. We often produce outfits for special occasions such as weddings – we can dress both bride and groom so they both look and feel perfect on their big day. Impossible to find a well-fitting shirt in common stores? Are the sleeves always too short, or too long? We can help anyone who cannot choose from ready-to-wear clothing.


After we meet you and discuss your needs and ideas we prepare an original concept of the garments just for you. We come up with various ideas, prepare sketches, drawings and you chose from several pattern designs and material samples. We take your measurements, cut the pattern and stiches the outfit for the first fitting. During the whole process you will try the clothes on several time so that the final product fits perfectly. In the meantime, we discuss with you all necessary details, even the colour of the lining or the shape of the buttons. Our well-skilled seamstresses then sew the final piece of clothing so that you get a perfectly fitting, carefully tailored and unique model…

The whole process takes a while so don’t hesitate and make an appointment in due time.